After six years of researching, we are glad to announce the launch of Arke. Arke is more than a product, more than a new technology. It is a innovative way to approach the entertainment industry.

Arke is a device that you can plug in your body and let you play the game in a very realistic first person. Now you are not playing a game, you are living it!

deviceThis device or bioport is plug on the base of your spinal cord. The first time that you use it, you need an installation of this bioport. The installation us the creation of a canal where to plug in this device. Arke is created in two materials: the first one is a biopolymer synthesized from stem cells to avoid any rejection from the player’s body. Arke is completely safe for the player and it has been tested in different conditions. In case, the device remains for too long in the body of the user (more than 30 days consecutively), Arke can be reabsorbed by the body without causing any problem.

Arke can be found in Titanium only for players who want to be kept plugged for longer periods.

Wolfware is providing this installation for free with the bioport purchase. The installation is a very simple procedure done with local anesthetic (similar to epidural) and it should be done only by official providers.

Arke is only launch for user older than 18 years old. Learn more about Arke with the video below.