Chloe Sullivan and Ariel Geller founded WolfWare after graduating from Singularity University in 2045. Chloe is a nanotechnology engineer and Ariel Geller is a virtual reality designer. Both of them are transhumanist activists who have been collaborating with Cyborg Foundation since high school students. Now they have decided to combine their strengths in a new approach to the entertainment industry.

“We would like to take the entertainment a step forward.” Chloe said.

Since they have been working on Arke for six years and it will be launched on 16th May 2051. According to Ariel:

“Arke won’t change the approach to how play games but also the way we relation with our environment. Chloe and I have developed a technology device that helps us to get into a new world and make it real for us. The applications of this technology are countless. Together with Cyborg Foundation, we have been working with autistic children and we have found that they develop new social skills when they feel comfortable in an environment that they can understand. The results are breathtaking”.

According to Chloe:

“We shouldn’t see Arke as a new video game console but a new part of our bodies. It is not only a device, it is a port. As our mentor Neil Harbisson said “we are all disabled when we compare our senses with other animal species” and this is our philosophy.”

Embrace Arke, embrace the future!